Welcome to FlightPlan+ application!

The application interface is very simple, it is not difficult to deal with it.

FlightPlan+ helps pilots and aviation school students to fill ICAO flight plans and send it by e-mail or to printer. Any user can create FPL manually or to import FPL standard text from pasteboard.
For details see document ICAO 4444 in Help section, link for document is in upper right corner.


FPL+ allows to:
- Fill FPL manualy;
- Fill FPL automatically using iPad pasteboard;
- Save FPL in App.;
- Open saved FPLs;
- Edit FPL and save changes in the current FPL or save as a new FPL;
- Send FPL via e-mail like text or filled form;
- Remove saved FPL from App.;
- Print using Airprint:
- Filled flightplan form (FPL);
- Blank flightplan form (FPL);
- FPL text.

In the «Flight Plan» mode there are 6 buttons at the top of the screen:

FlightPlan for EFB iPad

There are three buttons at the bottom of the screen to toggle between the application’s modes:

FlightPlan for EFB iPad

Mode «Settings» allows to:

  • create and edit aircraft data;
  • assign favorite fields;
  • change interface language (Russian – English);
  • allow or disallow iPad sleep mode;
  • go to EFB-Software website;
  • send e-mail to developer.

See ICAO 4444 Appendix 2 for information about filling a flightplan format (tap on the «ICAO 4444» button in the upper right corner to see ICAO 4444 Appendix 2).


Download FlightPlan+ from AppStore:

Download FlightPlan+ from AppStore


Download this file (Doc 4444 PANS-ATM_eng (2012).pdf)Doc 4444 PANS-ATM_eng (2012).pdf2434 kB

Aviation documents in iPad

iPad EFB

FDS (Flight Document System) is paperless solution for EFB (iPad only) to provide crews current airline’s electronic documents.

Whether you are a single-aircraft, business fleet or airline-sized operation, Flight Document System is the best solution for your aviation document updating needs.

Never worry again about lapses in airworthiness due to out-of-date documentation aboard your aircraft.

The FDS simplifies the entire manual publishing and update process. It assists airline EFB- administrator to provide pilots current airline’s electronic documents in EFB:

  • FCOM
  • FOM
  • MEL
  • AOM
  • Various manuals
  • and others...

Pilots can download all this docs to EFB (iPad) and use it without internet.


Send request for FDS test usage


FDS includes:

  • Server with the database;
  • FDS (Win) - Windows application for EFB-administrators;
  • FDS (iOS) - iOS application for pilots.


Программа FDS для EFB (iPad)

  • The Server is used for storing documents and the database.
  • FDS (Win) is a Windows-application, and is used to administer EFB and users of the system, to organize storage structure of the documents, keep all documents up-to-date, control over the updates of the documents in EFB, and send messages to EFBs. Users of the FDS (Win) are EFB administrators, as well as specialists, responsible for actualisation of board documents of an airline.
  • FDS (iOS) software is used for download documents from the server via the Internet (by Wi-Fi or 3G/4G) into EFB with the possibility of further use of the documents in off-line mode. If you have Internet access, the FDS (iOS) software automatically D:\Dropbox\Наш проект\FDS\Инструкция к программе FDS\FDS iOSsends reports on updates of the documents in EFB and information about the location of the EFB during the last launch of the application to the server.

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