Privacy policy of applications

Personal data (PD) - is any data, which allows you to identify the person to whom it belongs.

The processing of personal data may vary in different our software applications:


In Flightplan+ and CreditCalc applications:

Personal data is not requested from users and PD is not stored in any form in this applications. Registration is not required. User activity and geolocation are not store.


In Flight Document System (FDS) application:

The following personal data is required to complete the FDS activation:

- actual email.

The following personal data can be stored on the server if the user type them during FDS application activating:

- Name and/or surname;
- Phone number;

The FDS application after installation requests permission to access the user's geolocation data. Geolocation data is stored on the server only when synchronization is performing. All information (name, surname, phone, email and geolocation data) is available for viewing by the EFB administrator (user with administrative rights).

Data transfer "SERVER - APPLICATION - SERVER" is performed only through a secure connection (SSL).

No personal data is transmits to third parties and is not uses for e-mail and SMS sending. Geolocation data is not analysed and is not shared.

After the user is deleted by the EFB administrator, all his personal data is deleted from the server.

Backup copies of server data are stored for 1 year only, then automatically deleted. Partial extraction of data from backups is not performes.


Russian privacy policy version 


You can ask any questions about personal data processing in our applications using site feedback form: